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Specification: Original Not Today Haman Shirt


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I don’t know if this next part is true Original Not Today Haman Shirt so take it with a grain of salt but from the five seconds I paid attention in history class, I think Islam and Christianity have the same god. Give me a sec to fact-check. In the same way that is cheese Allah is god. Irs like Spanish saying praise Dios. There’s only one God in Islam, not multiple. So yes, it’s literally god, just like how Christians call god, god. Islam, god has 99 names, Allah is one of them, and there is only one God in Islam. t’s exact translation is god. Ilah means god, it can mean any god. Allah means god.

Original Not Today Haman Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

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Not Today Haman Tank Top

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Allah is used by Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Arabs. It’s a combination of al which literally means the deity divine god. So al becomes Allah, according to Original Not Today Haman Shirts to Arabic phonological rules. That’s why the Shahada says la Allah Allah which is there is no god deity other than God. Allah or in this phrase, the one, and only god. So it basically is just the Arabic word for god or quite literally. Both. Christians and Muslims have the same god, just different prophets’ beliefs and holy books.

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