Official Madam Vice President 2020 Shirt

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Specification: Official Madam Vice President 2020 Shirt


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Okay then. I will carry this Official Madam Vice President 2020 Shirt screenshot around everywhere. Try them I’m allergic to smoke, I’ll tell them to put a mask on. I’m a Democrat and I have rights too. Here’s the thing, if you are still looking for guidance from your government on covid you are dumber than those. Pence’s point was that not everyone who smokes dies from smoking-related illnesses, and he acknowledged the health risks of smoking after referencing fairly accurate statistics about them. What’s true about this statement is stats are skewed. For instance, my grandfather had emphysema and they blamed his tobacco use. He was a coal miner for decades.

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If you smoke and get lung cancer that Official Madam Vice President 2020 Shirts the cause regardless of any other possibilities. Gasoline is a serious carcinogen. His arguments are actually insane. He says “smoking doesn’t kill” and that only “2/3 of smokers aren’t killed by it” literally side by side. And he presents the opposition as Evil Inc, as if they have no goals, not even selfish ones, except to “come for you”.With enough mental gymnastics, you could say he’s right “smoking doesn’t kill… cancer does. Mark my words if Biden wins will see the homeless population rise because of taxes and an increased supreme court size so they have control.

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