Happy Grandma Is My Valentine Shirt

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Specification: Happy Grandma Is My Valentine Shirt


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Yea my roommates got me a car bed Happy Grandma Is My Valentine Shirt for Christmas. That’s nice. “I live with a single mom. Unfortunately, her kid is a total dick.” I prefer dying in the streets. Say Hi to the Fallwells for us? Well, I’m not going to live in some stranger’s basement. Thanks for the awards! I might be able to upgrade to the attic now. I once lived in a basement owned by some slumlord in NYC for 1350$ a month in an apartment with 3 other dudes. Looking back, the parent’s basement wouldn’t have been so bad. come on some strangers’ basements are quite cozy and come with free lotion for your skin.

Happy Grandma Is My Valentine Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

Grandma Is My Valentine V-neck- Design By 1Tees.com


Grandma Is My Valentine Tank Top- Design By 1Tees.com

Tank Top

Grandma Is My Valentine Sweatshirt- Design By 1tees.com


Grandma Is My Valentine Hoodie- Design By 1Tees.com


I live in a stranger’s basement and Happy Grandma Is My Valentine Shirts it works just fine. I just hope they don’t find out. My dungeon troll doesn’t complain at all. Hey man, it’s not too bad down here! Smells a little funny and the rats like hugs but, it’s okay. When I turned 18 my ultra-conservative parents literally kicked me out and I had to live in my car three months before I could afford the apartment. They also refused to sign any of my college financial aid forms because the government didn’t need their information. After all, I was an adult so I had to put off college until I was 25 and didn’t need their information for subsidized loans.

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